After 12 years of climbing and spending time in the mighty Himalayas, Transcend Adventures finally came into being in year 2012.

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Mountaineering Expeditions


Humankind has always been thirsty to explore the unexplored on the planet. Since the beginning of time, the mountains stood as a silent witness to the ever-changing world. A few individuals who dared to dream beyond the normal took the first steps to the summit of these majestic creations of Mother Nature. A few reached, but many perished. For those who survived, started perfecting the art of ascending these mighty mountains and then over the years the sport of ‘Mountaineering’ was born.

For over 200 years, man has been trying to climb every mountain in his sight. The biggest and tallest of them all: The Mt.Everest stands at 8848m. After many attempts, it was finally climbed in 1952 by two men who are now part of every mountaineering story: Sir Edmund Hillary & Sir Tenzing Norgay Sherpa. After this, many others followed not just on Everest in Asia, but on to the mountains spread on the seven continents on the planet.

At Transcend Adventures, we cater to the specific requirements of your climb. From an 8-week Full Board Service to Mt. Everest or a simple 2-day hike up to Mt.Kosciusko, we cover it all.

Whether you want a full board package on Everest or simply a base camp service, we have the right option for you. Our professional service will make sure that nothing is left behind and only the best is offered to you on the mountain. Our expedition packages are of a large variety to suit various levels of experience. From an absolute novice to an experienced mountaineer, we have the right expedition for you, which again can be tailor-made to the exact specifications of your needs. Come, join us for an experience of a lifetime!