After 12 years of climbing and spending time in the mighty Himalayas, Transcend Adventures finally came into being in year 2012.

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Mt. Kilimanjaro standing at 5893m is the highest mountain in Africa and world’s highest free standing mountain. Standing tall in picturesque landscape of the Serengeti, the peak recorded its first summit in 1889 by the Germans. Today over 45,000 people […]

$1800 / per person

Mt. Vinson is the highest peak in Antarctica at a height of 4892m, which saw the first ascent in the December 1966 by an American team consisting of mountaineers and scientists.

$44495 / per person

Mt. Kosciuszko standing tall at 2228 m in the Australian continent is often used to complete the 7- Summit Challenge. With the relative ease of climbing this peak, it’s everyone’s favorite. Apart from just the tallest peak, climbers often complete […]

$1200 / per person

Mt. Aconcagua is located in the heart of the Central Andes of Argentina. The mountain is part of a State Park in the province of Mendoza. It is the highest mountain in both the Western and Southern Hemispheres, the tallest […]

$4200 / per person

Mount Elbrus is the highest mountain in Europe at 5642 m (18,510 ft). This is slightly a non technical peak but make no mistake as the physical fitness and ability to use crampons is very important. This peak is great […]

$1000 / per person